Bible Review 3:4, Winter 1987

Children’s Books 1985–1987

By Zena Sutherland

Bible Review

From hundreds of children’s books relating to the Bible, collected from over 50 publishers, we have selected the following as, in our judgment, the best—at least among those published or reissued since 1985. In addition to the usual publication information, each minireview gives an age range for the book’s readers.

Most Bible-related books fall into three categories: adaptations of the Bible or a portion of it; interpretations of the Bible, often in the form of a handbook or reference book; and a more amorphous body of works that includes archaeological, botanical, mythological and cultural approaches. In the reviews that follow each of these categories is represented. We have not included books of religious inspiration because these are more theological and best explored in a denominational setting.

For whatever age and in whatever category, many of the books reviewed here have weaknesses, but all of them have strengths that outweigh their individual weaknesses. 1 have tried to identify both. All have an appropriately reverent spirit, and all are acceptable for family use or in a religious education program.

A Child’s Bible

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