Bible Review 4:1, February 1988

Bible Quiz

Bible Review

The Kings of Israel and Judah

1. Who was the first Israelite to claim the title “king”?

2. What king built a place of worship for the Moabite god Chemosh and for the Ammonite god Molech on the Mount of Olives?

3. Who were the two kings of Israel committed suicide?

4. Name the two kings who, though guilty of capital crimes, were spared because they each repented before a prophet.

5. Which king of Judah was a leper?

6. Who was the only woman to rule as sovereign over the Kingdom of Judah?

7. Name the kings who had the shortest and the longest reigns.

8. One king had to repress a revolution led by his own son. Who were that king and his rebellious son?

9. Who was the last king of Israel?

10. Identify the last king of Judah.

Prepared by Leslie J. Hoppe, O. F. M., Department of Biblical Literature and Languages, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois.


1. Abimelech. The son of Gideon and of a concubine from Shechem, Abimelech conspired with his mother’s kinsmen to be made king of Shechem. After Abimelech slew all his brothers but one, thus eliminating rivals, “all the citizens of Shechem came together … and made Abimelech king …” (Judges 9:6). Three years later, he was killed during a revolt against his rule (Judges 9:53–54).

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