Bible Review 4:3, June 1988

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Readers Want Pictures by the Old Masters

Hearty applause for moving to a bimonthly format. I look forward to monthly publication when resources allow. But surely the accompanying decision about artwork was made at the end of an editorial meeting that ran too late into the night. For BR to decide it doesn’t “need so many… old masters’ paintings” is rather like National Geographic deciding it doesn’t really need so many photographs.

Please reconsider.

Bob Woolley Savoy, Illinois

OK, we’ll reconsider, but tell your friends to subscribe, so we can afford all those beautiful pictures.—Ed.

The BR Index Is Here

How about increasing the value and usefulness of Bible Review by providing a year-end subject-title-author index, covering your year’s workmanship?

I assure you this addition would be extremely helpful.

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