Bible Review 4:4, August 1988


Bible Review

New Bible Review board new member named

Paul D. Hanson, Lamont Professor of Divinity and Professor of Old Testament at Harvard University, has been named to the Editorial Advisory Board of Bible Review. Hanson’s new service augments his already long list of professional positions and memberships, which includes the Old Testament Editorial Board of Hermeneia (the critical-historical Bible commentary published by Fortress Press) and the Committee for the Revised Standard Version Bible. Professor Hanson was also the recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for a computer-assisted study of “Structures in Biblical Hebrew.”

The author of many scholarly papers, Professor Hanson contributed the article “War, Peace and justice in Early Israel” to the Fall 1987 BR. His fifth book, The People Called: The Growth of Community in the Bible, appeared in 1986 and was reviewed in Bible Books, BR 03:04.

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