Bible Review 4:5, October 1988

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Thinking About Important Things

I really enjoy reading your magazine, and particularly the Letters to the Editor. The magazine makes me think about things that are important; the letters tell me what others have thought about those things.

Adrienne M. Tindall Kenilworth, Illinois

Offended by BR’s Cover

I am greatly offended by the cover picture of your June issue.

We have children in our home and the first exposure to naked men and women they’ve had is through your magazine. You probably call it art, but even Adam and Eve had more sense than you. At least they covered their nakedness, whereas yours is clearly seen.

As for the article on Adam and Eve (Pamela J. Milne, “Eve and Adam—Is a Feminist Reading Possible?” BR 04:03), I’m sorry such a carnal and degrading article was even written by a woman. This is not a Bible Review, it is unholy propaganda. I realize now what is missing in Bible Review: Spiritual guidance.

Cancel my subscription immediately. I’ll be praying for you. Please clean up your magazine.

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