Bible Review 5:1, February 1989

Bible Quiz

Bible Review

Verdict on Quizzes

The jury is in, and we have heard its unambiguous verdict: “Keep giving us the Bible Quiz in BR.”

One hundred-seven readers responded by sending in the answers to the December quiz (we withheld the answers in that issue) and by filling out the questionnaire. Here is a summary of the results.

Ninety-two readers said that they do the quiz regularly. Seventy-one thought that the level of difficulty was just about right; 23 told us we vary all over the place; 10 felt the quizzes were too easy and only 3 people found them too difficult. As for continuing them in the future, 86 respondents said to continue them as they are; 11 wanted us to make them harder; 2 said that easier quizzes would be preferred; and 1 person asked us to replace quizzes with crosswords. However, 14 readers did say that they would like both quizzes and crossword puzzles. When asked whether they do quizzes simply to do, or to learn, 37 people said both, 34 said they do them as a test of what they know, and a number of people volunteered that they do the quizzes because they are fun.

A few of the comments added to the questionnaire were: “I’ve used them with Sunday School classes,” “They encourage me to look up things I don’t know,” and most passionate of all, “If you stop the Bible Quiz you might as well refund my sub!”

Our thanks go to all of you who took the trouble to respond; you have helped us a lot. And to the 79 who had a 100 percent score on the quiz (see the answers below) and also answered the survey (no one was disqualified for lack of a mailing label), we are sending a $10 gift certificate redeemable for merchandise in the BAS Collection gift catalogue.

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