Bible Review 5:2, April 1989

Readers Reply

Bible Review

What BR Means to One Reader

Today I realized with consternation and dismay that I have misplaced the April 1988 issue of BR. I implore you, therefore, to send me this issue speedily, for until I once again hold it in my greasy little hands, the sun shall seem black in my eyes, and my food shall have lost its savour.

Robert Butterfield Oakland, California

Thoughts on the December BR

The December issue is your best and the contents beg comment.

1. “The Assassination of Eglon,” BR 04:06—Halpern sparkles! This episode, a long time ago, gave me my first insight that the subject matter of the Scriptures is based on a very deep plane of reality called subjective history. A question that comes forth from the tale is one that is based on deduction. That is, the reader is clearly led to believe that God sanctioned the “hit” on Eglon; for it was Ehud who rallied the Israelites with: “Follow me, for YHWH has delivered your enemies, Moab, into your hand.” Question for those of theological bent (theology defined here as discerning the will of God): Would the assertive initiative of God, the Christ, have sanctioned such an assassination at a later time in history?

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