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Bible Review, October 1989



What Did Jesus Really Say?

By Marcus J. Borg

About 40 scholars, all specialists in the study of the historical Jesus, are seated around a table. They have just completed their discussion of a saying attributed to Jesus in the Gospels. The time has come for each to vote on a simple but complex question: Do...Read more ›

Israel’s Emergence in Canaan

BR interviews Norman Gottwald

Norman K. Gottwald, W. W. White Professor of Biblical Studies at New York Theological Seminary, is known for his pioneering work in developing and applying sociological and anthropological methods in the study of the Hebrew Bible. Of special interest are his views...Read more ›

Responses to Jew-Hatred

Midrashic texts reveal how the Jewish community faced antagonistic neighbors

By Pinchas H. Peli

Midrash is a special kind of Jewish biblical literature. What it tells of is not necessarily in the Bible, but is derived from the Bible or is based on the Bible—in a way, a commentary on the Bible. It is post-biblical, although there are hints of midrashic...Read more ›

Bible for A King

J. Paul Getty II reunites abducted manuscript illuminations

Some missing illuminations from the pages of an ornately illustrated Bible that once belonged to a medieval king have been returned to their original setting, thanks to the largesse of London industrialist and manuscript collector J. Paul Getty. The history of this expressively illustrated Bible is for...Read more ›