Bible Review 6:2, April 1990

The Book of Numbers

Bible Review

The age at which Methuselah the longest-lived patriarch, died

969 (Genesis 5:27)

The number of animals that Solomon sacrificed in the dedication ceremony for the Temple

142,000 (22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep [1 Kings 8:63])

Length of time that the sun stood still for Joshua at the battle of Gibeon

1 day (Joshua 10:13)

The amount of silver paid to Judes to betray Jesus

30 pieces (Matthew 26:15), estimated by some scholars to be the typical earnings from 120 days of work at that time

Height of Goliath

6 cubits and a span (1 Samuel 17:4), estimated to be 9 feet, 9 inches, based on an 18-inch cubit and a 9-inch span

Height of Mt. Tabor

About 1,750 feet above sea level

Length of the Siloam tunnel, which King Hezekiah excavated to insure Jerusalem’s water supply during the siege by Sennacherib of Assyria

1,750 feet, give or take a few feet

Number of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances recorded in the New Testament


Number of adult male Israelites who, according to the Bible, left Egypt during the Exodus

About 600,000 (Exodus 12:37)
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