Bible Review 6:3, June 1990


Bible Review

King’s “Great Eighth Century” and Davies’ “Odyssey” Win Fellner Awards for Best BR Articles

Philip J. King’s “The Great Eighth Century,” BR 05:04, has received the Fellner Award for the best BR article of 1989. The award, the third in a continuing series, carries a $500 prize. A second prize of $250 went to W. D. Davies’ “My Odyssey in New Testament Interpretation,” BR 05:03.

The judges were Nahum Sarna, professor emeritus of biblical studies at Brandeis University, and J. Cheryl Exum, associate professor of Old Testament at Boston College. In a joint statement, they said that King’s “substantive, informative and accessible essay brings the eighth century to life with a wealth of archaeological detail. King contributes to an understanding of the biblical literature of the period by exploring a range of topics, including international politics, commercial activity, economic conditions and historical and religious developments in Israel and Judah—especially the appearance of classical prophecy and the spread of literacy.”

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