Bible Review 7:1, February 1991

Drama of the Exodus

By Peter Feinman

I used to wonder what would happen if a Polish pope challenged the Evil Empire. Could a Polish pope return to his homeland, stand before the Iron Curtain, proclaim “Let my people go” and win? Or even live? Amazingly, a scant decade later, the question has been rendered moot. Not only is it possible to challenge the Kremlin and win … you don’t even need an exalted title or position to do so. Shipyard worker or playwright is sufficient, just as carpenter’s son once was to challenge Rome. Suddenly there is an awareness that monster impregnable forces may be destroyed after all; that proclamations, propaganda and monuments cannot keep a people isolated, ignorant and powerless forever. And the leader who is in touch with the people possesses a power and force even the mightiest of swords and lies can’t deny.

Was this also true at the time of the Exodus? Why wouldn’t it have been?

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