Bible Review 7:3, June 1991

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Helping to See More Clearly

Whenever I receive the latest issue of Bible Review, no matter how busy I am, I sit down and read the letters in Readers Reply immediately. I often find this section entertaining in a perverse way.

Sometimes there are letters so cringingly silly that it scares me—doubly so. First, I find it frightening to think that there are people who might be so intolerant and condemning of a magazine I genuinely value. Second, I find it frightening to think of how intolerant and condemning I can be of these people who find BR so horrible. It keeps me about as thoughtful, intrigued, enlightened, annoyed and amused as your articles often do.

Please don’t change your editorial vision. Perhaps the rest of us will learn to see more clearly, one way or another, in spite of you or in spite of ourselves.

Kurt Mueller Minneapolis, Minnesota

Biblical and Modern History

We very much enjoyed reading “Drama of the Exodus,” BR 07:01, by Peter Feinman.

One rarely encounters articles written in such a fresh and interesting style, yet filled with well researched and valuable information.

We particularly liked the comparisons and references to modern history and events in Eastern Europe.

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