Bible Review 7:3, June 1991

Computers and the Bible

By John J. Hughes

Computers promise to revolutionize how we study the Bible. The last decade has witnessed the development of a variety of Bible-related programs—simple games for children, vocabulary drills for students of Hebrew and Greek, sermon preparation, sophisticated concordances, lectionary software, computer-assisted learning, church management software, multilingual Greek and Hebrew word processors and much more.

Here we present a brief overview of some of the computer programs and resources that can enhance Bible study. By no means is this article comprehensive or exhaustive, either in terms of the types of programs and resources covered or in terms of the specific programs and resources mentioned. But it does outline programs and resources in sufficient detail so that the interested Bible student can match what he or she wants to do with what is available to do it. If we have been successful you at least will be armed with the right questions to ask.

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