Bible Review 7:4, August 1991

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Bible Review

Happy Memories

I thoroughly enjoyed Professor Philip J. King’s “Exploring the Valleys of Jerusalem,” BR 07:02. More than 20 years ago I was a volunteer worker at Temple Mount dig under the aegis of Professor Benjamin Mazar. Professor King’s article brought back many very pleasant memories.

Hy Grober Teaneck, New Jersey

Does BR Enhance Our Relationship with God?

Christ was God come to earth to provide an example of transformation for us. Christ came to show us a transformation that we each are meant to personally experience.

Christianity is not an interpretation of God, it is not research into who the Essenes were (James C. VanderKam, “The People of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Essenes or Sadducees?” BR 07:02), it is not understanding the correct meaning of a Greek or Hebrew word and it is definitely not trying to make all religions comfortable with one another.

Christianity is working toward, then having a transformational experience, it is developing a personal relationship with God, it is living your everyday life in such a manner that you experience increasing spiritual maturity, it is developing your spirit so that when your body dies you will meet God and be able to experience God more fully than when you were born.

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