Bible Review 7:4, August 1991

The Book of Numbers

Little and big

Bible Review

When Abram learned that his nephew, Lot, and other citizens of Sodom had been taken prisoner by four kings, he gathered an army and rescued them. On his return, Abram met the priest-king Melchizedek in the Valley of Shaveh. What fraction of the captured loot did Abram give him?

1/10 (Genesis 14:20)

The future king Saul first met Samuel when Saul and a servant were searching for lost livestock. What fraction of a silver shekel did Saul’s servant propose to pay Samuel for help in finding the animals?

1/4 (1 Samuel 9:8)

The author of Revelation saw a great red seven-headed dragon that attempted to devour a newborn baby. What fraction of the stars of heaven did the dragon sweep down to earth with its tail?

1/3 (Revelation 12:4)

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus reminded his listeners that they were worth more than many sparrows. What was the price of a sparrow?

2/5 “penny” (Luke 12:6)

In the Gospel of Matthew, sparrows are more expensive. How much did a sparrow cost according to this Gospel?

1/2 “penny” (Matthew 10:29)
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