Bible Review 7:4, August 1991

Book Notes

Paul the Convert

Alan Segal (Yale Univ. Press, 1990)

Studies conversion, Hellenistic Judaism and early Christianity while highlighting Paul’s achievements. In this revisionist account of Paul’s work, Alan Segal asserts that Paul’s life can be better understood by taking his Jewishness seriously, and that Jewish history can be illuminated greatly by examining Paul’s writing from the viewpoint of the religion he left behind.

The Son of Man Tradition

Douglas R. A Hare (Fortress, 1990)

Starting from the later Gospels of Luke, John and Matthew and then turning to the earlier Mark Hare relates Gospel tradition to its Semitic antecedents and to Jesus’ use of the expression, “Son of Man.”.

The New Oxford Annotated Study Bible with Apocrypha, New Revised Standard Version

ed. Bruce Metzger and Roland Murphy (Oxford University Press, 1991)

The notes and essays accompanying the New Revised Standard Bible have, been completely updated and expanded to reflect advances in biblical scholarship, archaeology and study of ancient languages. A new design makes the contents easy to follow. This comprehensive study Bible is useful for scholars and general readers.

Paul, In Other Words

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