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Bible Review, December 1991



The Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Christianity: Part One

How are they related?

By James C. VanderKam

Almost from the moment the first Dead Sea Scrolls came under scholarly scrutiny, the question of their relation to early Christianity became a key issue. The early days of Qumrana research produced some spectacular theories regarding the relationship among Jesus, the first Christians and the Qumran community...Read more ›

What’s a Massa?

The collection of prophetic books ends with three massas—but what’s a massa?

By Richard Simon Hanson

The prophetic collection of books in the Hebrew Bible ends with three massa’ot (singular, massa’). So what’s a massa (pronounced mah-SAH)? The prophetic collection of books in the Hebrew Bible also ends with the little Book of Malachi. Who’s Malachi? Answer: He’s nobody. He’s...Read more ›


A well-watered place

By Richard S. Hess

In 1979, a bilingual inscription was found in Syria that provides new background for understanding two significant puzzles in the opening chapters of Genesis. The first puzzle is the statement that mankind was made in the “image” of God, in his “likeness” (Genesis 1:26),...Read more ›


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