Bible Review 8:1, February 1992

Bible Books

The JPS Torah Commentary

Genesis, Nahum M. Sarna Exodus, Nahum M. Sarna Leviticus, Baruch A. Levine Numbers, Jacob Milgrom (Philadelphia, New York, Jerusalem: Jewish Publication society, 1989โ€“1990)

A rewarding experience awaits readers of the new JPS Torah commentary. As in the earlier JPS translation of the Torah (now included in the full rendition of the Holy Scriptures, the Tanakh [Philadelphia, 1988]), extensive use is made of the rich store of traditional Jewish learning, alongside the expected reference to the advances of modern scholarship. And though the intended audience is expressly Jewish readers, with denominational concerns treated in a number of excursuses,a a general audience will also find much of interest in these four, handsomely produced volumes. (The fifth volume, Deuteronomy, is nearing completion.)

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