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Bible Review, April 1992



Ebla and the Bible

What’s left (if anything)?

By Alan R. Millard

I remember it well. It was early October 1975. We were sitting on top of the tell having lunch. One of our guests, Afif Bahnassi, the director of the Department of Antiquities of Syria, had come to visit the British Archaeological Expedition to Tell...Read more ›

Biblical Leprosy

Is it really?

By Kenneth V. MullCarolyn Sandquist Mull

“Unclean! Unclean!” That cry—the cry of the leper—struck terror into the hearts of passersby in Palestine at the turn of the Common Era. In medieval Europe that cry separated the leper from everything he or she loved and enjoyed, condemning the leper to a...Read more ›

How to Buy a Bible

By Harvey Minkoff

To the uninitiated, the Bible is the Bible. To get one, you go to a bookstore and ask for a Bible. Readers of BR know better. The English-speaking student of the Bible is blessed with dozens of translations in hundreds of editions. What distinguishes them one from...Read more ›

An Off-Duty Archaeologist Looks at Psalm 23

By Larry G. Herr

The warm welcoming words, gentle pastoral setting, simple lyricism, strong sense of devotion and profound truth of divine love and care have made Psalm 23 one of the best-known and best-loved poems in the world. It is so famous that it...Read more ›