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Bible Review, October 1992


Special Section

Frank Moore Cross—An Interview

Part II: The Development of Israelite Religion

In the August 1992 BR we published the first part of a three-part interview with the world-renowned scholar Frank Moore Cross (see Frank Moore Cross—An Interview, BR 08:04). The interview, conducted in Cross’s home in Lexington, Massachusetts, occurred on the occasion of his retirement as Hancock Professor...Read more ›


How Mary Magdalene Became a Whore

Mary Magdalene is in fact the primary witness to the fundamental data of early Christian faith

By Jane Schaberg

Mention the name Mary Magdalene and most people will free-associate the word “whore,” albeit the repentant whore whose love for Jesus led him to forgive her. In Jesus Christ—Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Timothy Rice’s 1970s musical, she is depicted as a prostitute platonically in love with...Read more ›

Feminist Interpretations of the Bible: Then and Now

The Bible has frequently been used as a weapon to oppress women

By Pamela J. Milne

Feminism—and the movement arising from it—may be the most important revolutionary development in human history. It seeks nothing less than the true equality of women. Some have compared the feminist movement to the Copernican revolution: Like the Copernican revolution, the feminist movement has already changed the way...Read more ›

If The Bible’s So Patriarchal, How Come I Love It?

Can women serve two authorities, a master called Scripture and a mistress called feminism?

By Phyllis Trible

Early in the 1970s, I listened to animated discussions about feminism. I did not have to be converted. At the same time, I also understood that Scripture nourished my life, that the Bible I grew up with in Sunday school continued to feed me...Read more ›


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