Bible Review 9:1, February 1993

Hebrew for Bible Readers

Tackling an extended passage

By Keith N. Schoville

Bible Review

It is time to read a longer text; let’s try the account in Joshua 4:1–7. We will use what we have learned and also meet some new features of Hebrew in the process:

÷Der]Y"h'ëta, r/b[}l' y/Ghëlk; WMTërv,a}K' yhiyÒw" (1) µk,l; Wjq] (2) rmoale ['vuwhyÒëla, hw:hyÒ rm,aOYw" dj;a,ëvyai dj;a,ëvyai µyvin:a} rc;[; µynEv] µ[;h;ë÷mi hZ (3) fb,V;miëµyTev] ÷ykih; µynIh}Koh' ylegÒr' bX"M'mi ÷Deor]Y"h' J/Tmi µT,j]N"hiwÒ µk,M;[i µt;/a µT,r]b'[}h'wÒ µynIb;a} hrecu[, ar;q]YIw/ (4) hl;yÒL;h' /b WnyliT;ërv,a} ÷/lM;B' µt;/a ynEBÒmi ÷ykihe rv,a} vyai rc;[;h, µynEv]ëla, ['vu/hyÒ rm,aOYw" (5) fb,V;mi dj;a,ëvyai dj;a,ëvyai laer;c]yI µk,yhe¿aÔ hw:hyÒ ÷/ra} ynEp]li Wrb][i ['vuwhyÒ µh,l; tj'a' ÷b,ae vyai µk,l; Wmyrh;wÒ ÷DeriY"h' J/Tëla, ÷['miol] (6) laer;cuyIëynEb] yfeb]vi rP's]mil] /mk]viël[' µk,ynEB] ÷Wla;v]yIëyKi µk,B]r]qiB] t/a taOz hy,h]Ti (7) µk,l; hL,aeh; µynIb;a}h; hm; rmoale rj;m; ynEP]mi ÷Der]Y"h' ymeyme Wtr]k]nI rv,a} µh,l; µh,l; µT,r]m'a}w" yme Wtr]k]nI ÷Der]Y:B' /rb][;B] hw:hyÒëtyriB] ÷/ra} ynEb]li ÷/rK;zIl] hL,aeh; µynIb;a}h; Wyh;wÒ ÷Der]Y"h' µl;/[ëd[' laer;c]yI

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