Bible Review 9:1, February 1993

Was Eve Cursed?

(or did a woman write Genesis?)

By Adrien Janis Bledstein

In a recent popular book entitled The Book of J—for a period in 1990, it was on the best-seller list—Harold Bloom argues that the biblical author known to scholars as J was a woman. J is the name scholars give to what is probably the oldest authorial strand of the Pentateuch; J stands for the Yahwist (Jahwist in German) because this strand uses the tetragrammaton yod-hay-vov-hay, YHWH or Yahweh when speaking of the Israelite deity. The Book of J was reviewed in Bible Review by a leading Bible scholara and was thereafter excoriated in a scathing full-length article by another leading Bible scholar, Richard Elliott Friedman.b

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