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Bible Review, April 1993



Paul and Judaism: 5 Puzzles

By Daniel J. Harrington

In recent years, five questions have dominated scholarly discussions regarding Paul’s attitudes toward Judaism and its Law. Was Paul a convert? Or did he remain Jewish? The answer to whether Paul converted depends to a large extent on what is meant by conversion and from whose viewpoint...Read more ›

The Holy Land in Christian Imagination

By Robert L. Wilken

The idea of a holy land has its beginnings in ancient Israel and in the Hebrew Bible. Biblical history begins with the call of Abraham to leave his people and his land in Ur of the Chaldees (Iraq) to serve the one God in a new land,...Read more ›

Fantasy & Reality

Ancient maps of Jerusalem

By Rehav Rubin

Jerusalem—Holy City for Jews, Christians and Muslims—exists in time, in space and in imagination. Early maps of the city, which often combine these elements in ways that the modern eye finds disconcerting, can teach us much about the city— and the people—of the past. In reality, Jerusalem...Read more ›

How the Books of the New Testament Were Chosen

By Roy W. Hoover

How did the Church decide which books to include in the New Testament? When was the decision made? By whom? The surviving evidence unfortunately does not provide answers in the detail we would like, but it does document a number of the developments that eventually produced the...Read more ›


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