Bible Review 9:2, April 1993

Hebrew for Bible Readers

Studying the creation story in Genesis 2

By Keith N. Schoville

Bible Review

Genesis 2:4–9 is one of the most famous— and most dramatic—passages in the Bible, describing the creation of man and of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Let’s use what we have learned of Hebrew to read this text:

µa;r]B;hiB] År,a;h;wÒ µyIm'V;hÕ twOdl]wOt hL,ae 4 µyIm;v;wÒ År,a, µyhil¿aÔ hw:hyÒ twOc[} µwOyB] År,a;b; hy 5 al¿ yKi jm;xÒyI µr,f, hd,C;hÕ bc,[eAlk;wÒ µd;a;,wÒ År,a;h;Al[Ô µyhil¿aÔ hw:hyÒ ryfim]hi hol,[}y" daÔwÒ 6 hm;d;a}h;Ata, dbo[}l‰' ÷yIaÕ hm;d;a}h;AynEP]AlK;Ata, hq;v]hiwÒ År,a;h;A÷mi rp;[; µd;a;h;Ata, µyhil¿aÔ hw:hyÒ rx 7 yhiyÒw" µyYIjÕ tm'v]nI wyP;aÕB] jP'YIw" hm;d;a}h;A÷mi µyhil¿aÔ hw:hyÒ [FÕYIw" 8 hY:jÕ vp,n 9 rx:y: Å[ewÒ lk;a}mÕl] bwOfwÒ ha,r]mÕl] dm;j]n

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