Bible Review 9:3, June 1993


By Hershel Shanks

Bible Review

Do We Need a Bible Teachers Association?

If you teach Bible—in Sunday school or high school, in a discussion group of adults or anywhere else—you have no organization within which to share your concerns and interests, to learn what’s new in your field, to sharpen your skills or to press others to support your needs so that your teaching will be more effective.

The Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) would like to remedy that situation. But it is really up to you.

We would like to create under our auspices, and affiliated with BAS, an Association of Bible Teachers (ABT).

This is not for Bible scholars. They already have a very effective organization. This is for people who teach Bible and archaeology in a non-university and non-seminary setting (although we would not exclude anyone who wishes to join us). This is for people who teach Bible to, well, just people.

Whether ABT will ever be organized is up to you. We are looking for a small group of people from allover the country, people who teach Bible in various settings, but primarily people with vision, dedication, energy and a willingness to do all the unpleasant tasks—from licking envelopes to asking people for money—involved in creating a new organization. In short, we are looking for an organizing committee.

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