Bible Review 9:3, June 1993

Hebrew for Bible Readers

An introduction to the Masoretic text

By Keith N. Schoville

Bible Review

Strange things can happen when an ancient text meets modern technology. In our previous column we studied Genesis 2:4–9; unfortunately, somewhere in the computerized production process a handful of vowels became transformed into other vowels. But even high-tech glitches can have their silver linings. In reprinting the passage below with the correct vowels, we can learn about other markings that are used as aids in reading the Hebrew Bible. These marks indicate the accented syllable; they are a part of the Hebrew text that has come down to us through the centuries.

µa­;r]B‰;hiB] År,a‰;h;wÒ µyIm—'V;h' t/d‡l]/t hL,a°e 4 .µyIm‰;v;wÒ År,a“, µyhÁil¿aÔ hw;hyÒ t/cš[Ò' µ/yB] År,a;+b; hy° daewÒ 6 .hm‰;d;a}h‰;Ata,dmªo[}l‰' ÷yIa'+ .h‰; d;a}h‰;AynEPÒAlK;Ata‰, hqª;v]hiwÒ År,a=;h;A÷mi r~p;[; µd%;a;h;Ata, µyh@il¿aÔ hw~:hyÒ r*x

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