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Bible Review, December 1993



How the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament Differ

An interview with David Noel Freedman—Part I

Ours is an age of increasing specialization, especially in biblical studies. Scholars today frequently restrict themselves to a single text (or portion of a text!), or to the history of a particular place during a narrow period of time. In refreshing contrast to this ever more frequent...Read more ›

What Was the Star that Guided the Magi?

By Dale C. Allison Jr.

Near the time of Jesus’ birth, “wise men from the east” appeared in Jerusalem inquiring, “Where is he who has been king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and have come to worship him” (Matthew...Read more ›

The Suffering Servant at Qumran

By John J. Collins

Much of the current interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls is stimulated by parallels, real or imagined, between passages in the scrolls and New Testament statements about Jesus. A new text has recently been published that, its editor claims, contains a new and very interesting parallel. The...Read more ›

The New Testament in the Comics

By Leonard J. Greenspoon

For Paul, as well as for the Gospels as they have come down to us, the most meaningful moments of Jesus’ life were his crucifixion and—beyond that—his resurrection. It is not difficult to understand, however, why contemporary cartoons and comic strips look elsewhere in the New Testament...Read more ›

Why Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart?

By John D. Currid

The Exodus account of that classic contest of wills—between Moses acting under his patron, the God of Israel, and Pharaoh, ruler of Egypt—contains a strange, but repeated reference to the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. Just when Moses thinks he has demonstrated Yahweh’s power to...Read more ›


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