Bible Review 9:6, December 1993

How the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament Differ

An interview with David Noel Freedman—Part I

Ours is an age of increasing specialization, especially in biblical studies. Scholars today frequently restrict themselves to a single text (or portion of a text!), or to the history of a particular place during a narrow period of time. In refreshing contrast to this ever more frequent practice stands the towering example of David Noel Freedman. Freedman is one of the last of the great Bible generalists. The entire Bible and all of archaeology is his domain. He is General Editor of the now-55 volumes in the Anchor Bible Series. He edits the Anchor Bible Reference Library, which consists of volumes on broad themes beyond the confines of individual biblical books. He is General Editor of the new Anchor Bible Dictionary, the six-volume work that has immediately taken its place as one of the standard reference works in the field. He has served as editor of Biblical Archaeologist and of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. And he has himself written numerous Bible commentaries, books and articles.

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