Bible Review 9:6, December 1993

Hebrew for Bible Readers

Jericho falls

By Keith N. Schoville

Bible Review

Having studied Joshua 6:1–4 in our previous lesson, let’s complete our look at the plan of attack against Jericho. Again, consult any standard English Bible for the translation of these verses.

Joshua 6:5 states:

µk,[}m]v;B] lbeoYh' ÷ r,q°,B] ó Jvo°m]Bi hy:Èh;wÒ 5 µ['h;Alk; W[yrˆiy: rp;+/Vh; l/q°Ata, [µk,[}m]v;K]] h;yT,+T' r~y[ih; tm¥'/j hl;@p]n:!wÒ hl=;/dgÒ h[°;WrT] /D‰gÒn

(5) ve-ha-yah bi-meshok be-qe-ren hah-yoh-vehl be-shom-ahkem [ke-shom-ahkem] et-qolhash-sho-fahr yah-ri-ooh kol-ha-ahm te-roo-ah ge-doh-lah ve-na-fe-lah cho-mat hah-ir tach-teh-hah ve-ah-looh ha-ahm ish neg-doh.

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