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Biblical Archaeology Review 1:1, March 1975

Introducing ... the BAR

Biblical Archaeology Review, March 1975

The aim of The Biblical Archaeology Review is to make available in understandable language the current insights of professional archaeology as they relate to the Bible. No other publication is presently devoted to this task.

While on occasion we may make an original contribution to knowledge, that will be unusual. Our primary function will be reportorial. However, we hope that we will often say things better and more understandably than they have been said before. And that in itself is a contribution.

Our readers vary. Many are professional archaeologists themselves. Others are casual Bible-readers with almost no background in archaeology. We hope to have something to say to both—and to those in between. The professional may find himself skipping over unnecessary explanations. The beginner may find that after a few issues he knows more than he thought.

Our readers differ in other ways. Not only are they of different religions (or no religion), they also have different kinds of commitments to the Bible. For some, the Bible is the sacred word of God against which all truth is to be measured. For others, the Bible is the literary remains of an ancient civilization which may be dissected and analyzed just like any other ancient literary document.

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