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Biblical Archaeology Review 1:1, March 1975

G. Ernest Wright Dies

Biblical Archaeology Review, March 1975

G. Ernest Wright, one of the last of a passing generation of great archaeologists, died on August 29, 1974. He was 64 years old.

A student of W. F. Albright, Wright was, since Albright’s death in 1971, America’s leading Biblical archaeologist. As a teacher, first at McCormick Theological Seminary and then at Harvard, Professor Wright trained a generation of American Biblical archaeologists.

A theologian as well as a Biblical archaeologist, he published widely in both areas, including a popular text book entitled Biblical Archaeology. Professor Wright was also the founder and first editor of The Biblical Archaeologist, a scholarly publication of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Since 1966, he served as president of the American Schools.

As a field archaeologist, his principal excavation was at Shechem, about which he wrote a semipopular account in 1965 entitled Shechem: The Biography of a Biblical City. Professor Wright also served as senior archaeological advisor to a number of other excavations, including Biblical Gezer.

Go Dig, Young Man (and Woman)

Opportunities abound to participate in archaeological excavations in Israel this summer.

At least 12 different digs will be accepting volunteers, who will shovel, pick, patische, dust, haul baskets of dirt, sift, wash pottery—and learn how archaeology really works.

Different excavators will be digging levels from the Palaeolithic to the Byzantine. Among the sites where volunteers will be working are The Western Wall in Jerusalem, Tell Beer-Sheva, Lachish, Tell Jemmeh, and Meiron.

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