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Biblical Archaeology Review 1:2, June 1975

Archaeology for Teenagers

By Kathe Schwartzberg

Archaeology can be one of the most effective ways to interest teenagers in Biblical studies. That is why Treasures from the Dusta by Azriel Eisenberg and Dov Peretz Elkins is particularly welcome. Written for high school readers, this book invites the student to “join the adventurous groups of archaeologists who dig the ancient mounds, sift the desert sands, wash the broken potsherds, and with luck come up with the finds that make history.”

Unfortunately, the economics of modern book publishing has apparently prevented the authors from using any photographs, either color or black and white, of the discoveries they describe, although they do include drawings with varying effectiveness. Perhaps in this way they have managed to keep the price of the book within range of the affordable ($6.95), no mean feat with archaeological works these days. Though the usual teaching tools—slides, demonstration of artifacts and lectures—are by no means supplanted by this book, it does supply the need for a basic text and awakens the young reader’s imagination and interest.

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