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Beno Rothenberg replies:

I was pleased to receive Ms. Weil’s letter asking how we know that there was a Midianite tent over the older Egyptian temple of Hathor at Timna. The answer is simple: We found the tent cloth lying in heaps along the walls of the temple in the layer attributed by stratigraphy to the Midianite phase of the sanctuary. It was extremely difficult to save this tent cloth but we did preserve very many fragments and these have been investigated by experts in ancient textiles.

I enclose a photograph of the copper serpent, also found in the Midianite layer of the temple.

At this opportunity I would like to express my admiration for the author of your article on the problem of King Solomon’s mines, which is really quite an involved story. There are almost no mistakes in this article—a unique achievement in a nonprofessional journal on archaeology. Just one or two points need mentioning. Unfortunately, I did not work with Glueck on his excavations but I was the field director of his Negev Survey 1952–57, and I shall always remember those years as a great experience. Nelson Glueck was a great companion in the desert and a perfect gentleman in his acceptance of criticism. I also did not actually reexamine Glueck’s excavation of Tell el-Khaleifeh at the site, which is in Jordan, but simply read carefully his reports on the excavation in view of my findings at Timna.

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