Biblical Archaeology Review 10:1, January/February 1984

Excavation Opportunities 1984

You can dig at Tell el-‘Umeiri in Jordan, a tell that has never been dug. You can explore David’s Jerusalem, where several bullae or letter seals bearing names of First Temple period Jerusalem residents have been discovered. You can don scuba gear and descend to the first Roman shipwreck discovered off the coast of Israel. Or you can choose one of many other digs that need volunteers, and as you excavate, you’ll be discovering “What it was like when … ”

Digging at any excavation will give you a sense of the past; many sites also have links to the Bible that enrich the experience of seeing history revealed. In deciding where to dig, consider what happened historically and what is happening archaeologically at a site and consider other questions as well. Do you mind living in a tent, or is a kibbutz guest house more to your liking? Do you need academic credit? Do you want to swim every day? Remember that digging is hard work, and wake-up call is before dawn. Know what to expect.

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