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Biblical Archaeology Review, March/April 1984


Special Section

BAR's Tenth Anniversary Section

BAR Becomes Ten!

By Hershel Shanks

BAR is entering its tenth year. For us—and we hope for our readers—this is indeed cause for celebration. We have, we believe, now demonstrated several things: 1. A widespread public is seriously interested in high-level scholarship in Biblical archaeology. BAR’s circulation is now over 100,000—making us the...Read more ›

BAR's Tenth Anniversary Section

Winner of BAR Essay Contest Awarded Jerusalem Fellowship

Rebecca S. Knudeson of Carlton, Oregon, is the winner of BAR’s Biblical Archaeology Essay Contest. Her prize is a $1,500 traveling fellowship to Jerusalem. Knudeson, a former elementary school teacher, was chosen from among more than 80 entrants by judges Menahem Mansoor of the University of Wisconsin...Read more ›

BAR's Tenth Anniversary Section

BAR’s 100,000th Subscriber

Dr. Ralph Napolitano of Bloomfield, New Jersey, is the 100,000th member of the Biblical Archaeology Society and subscriber to BAR. Although Dr. Napolitano only recently discovered BAR, he is no newcomer to archaeology. Archaeology and history are part of his earliest childhood memories from his home in...Read more ›


Exploring Philistine Origins on the Island of Cyprus

Recent excavations provide background to the Bible

By Vassos Karageorghis

If you really want to know about Philistine origins, come to Cyprus. Not that the Philistines originated here, but here the evidence seems clearest. The Philistines were one of a group of related peoples called the Sea Peoples, who emerged seemingly out of nowhere at the end...Read more ›