Biblical Archaeology Review 10:2, March/April 1984
BAR's Tenth Anniversary Section

BAR Becomes Ten!

By Hershel Shanks

BAR is entering its tenth year. For us—and we hope for our readers—this is indeed cause for celebration.

We have, we believe, now demonstrated several things:

1. A widespread public is seriously interested in high-level scholarship in Biblical archaeology. BAR’s circulation is now over 100,000—making us the largest archaeology magazine in the world.

2. First-rate scholarship in Biblical archaeology can be well written and expressed in an understandable way that engages the intelligence of the layperson.

3. The leading scholars in the field are interested in reaching out and communicating with a public beyond their own narrow scholarly circle.

Those of you who have been with us during the last nine years will recall our modest beginnings.

Our first issue 7-by-10-inch booklet with only a single picture and that only in black and white. No doubt—we have come a long way!

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