Biblical Archaeology Review 10:4, July/August 1984


Biblical Archaeology Review

Shanks and Majewski Receive Award in Israel

BAR Editor Hershel Shanks and BAR Preservation Liaison Georg Majewski received awards in Israel from the Friends of Tel Aviv University’s Institute of Archaeology. Shanks’s award medal contained the inscription, “What was difficult for few he made easy for many.” Professor Seymour Gitin, director of the W. F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research in Jerusalem, spoke at the award luncheon on “American Archaeologists in Israel.” Yosef Aviram, Director of the Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology and Executive Secretary of the Israel Exploration Society, is the previous recipient of this award.

Collections—A Valuable Source of Scholarly Publications

In this issue of BAR we are continuing to alert our readers to exciting new scholarship published in less accessible volumes. In BARlines, BAR 10:03, we focused on festschriften, the works published in honor of a senior scholar by his or her colleagues and students.

In this issue we are introducing another flourishing type of scholarly publication, the collection, distinguished from the festschrift in that it is not gathered together to honor a colleague. The collection is often on a particular theme and frequently contains the edited papers presented at a conference. Examples are the volumes spawned by the 1980 conference in Oxford on the archaeology of Jordan, and by the 1979 International Symposium for Biblical Studies in Tokyo.

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