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Biblical Archaeology Review, November/December 1984



Sumptuous Roman Baths Uncovered Near Sea of Galilee

Hot springs drew the afflicted from around the world

By Giora SolarYizhar Hirschfeld

According to the Greek biographer Eunapius, the second most beautiful bath complex in the entire Roman Empire during the fourth century A.D. was located in, of all places, Palestine—at a site known as Hammat Gader.1 Hammat Gader lies just five miles southeast of the Sea of Galilee...Read more ›

Who or What Was Yahweh’s Asherah?

Startling new inscriptions from two different sites reopen the debate about the meaning of asherah

By André Lemaire

New inscriptions from two different sites have reopened the debate about the meaning of asherah, a term often used in the Bible. Is it—or she—a goddess? Is it a holy place? Or perhaps a sacred tree? Or a pole? Or possibly a grove of trees? All these...Read more ›

Is the Cultic Installation at Dan Really an Olive Press?

A discussion that started in BAR escalates in the scholarly world

By Suzanne F. Singer

In an article in the September/October 1981 issue of BAR (“The Remarkable Discoveries at Tel Dan,” BAR 07:05), John Laughlin identified an unusual installation at Tel Dan, in northern Israel, as an Israelite cult installation associated with a water libation ceremony. In explaining the installation as having...Read more ›

What a Concordance Can Do for You

The Bible word by word

By Lloyd R. Bailey

Did you ever find yourself wondering (perhaps during a late-night movie rerun on TV) where Ben Hur is mentioned in the Bible, or where King Tiglath-pileser of Assyria appears? Maybe you want to know how closely Martin Luther’s famous assertion that humans are acceptable in God’s sight...Read more ›