Biblical Archaeology Review 10:6, November/December 1984

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Red Sea and Reed Sea

To the Editor:

As one who has published sixteen volumes of commentaries on the New Testament and the Old Testament and who is currently writing one on the Book of Exodus, I would like to tell you that Bernard Batto’s “Red Sea or Reed Sea?” BAR 10:04, is one of the best articles I have ever seen. I will quote from Batto in my new commentary on Exodus.

Burton Coffman Houston, Texas

To the Editor:

“Red Sea or Reed Sea?” BAR 10:04, was a marvelous answer to a perplexing problem, one I’ve struggled with for some time. Thank you for its publication.

Stephen G. Kutcher Long Beach, California

To the Editor:

In his interesting article, “Red Sea or Reed Sea?” BAR 10:04, Bernard Batto states “The Exodus narrative should not be read as a historical account of what actually transpired in those days,” and, “The significance of those original symbols, so meaningful when first written, has been lost on our modern scientific and technological world.”

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