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Biblical Archaeology Review, March/April 1985



Elie Borowski Seeks a Home for His Collection

By Hershel Shanks

Eliechish, his brothers called him. Elie the dreamer. He does not deny it; he is a dreamer. Today he is 71 years old and still dreaming. One of Elie Borowski’s dreams is 20 years old. Whether it will ever be realized is still an open question. He...Read more ›

Treasures from the Lands of the Bible

By Suzanne F. Singer

Elie Borowski survived his personal losses and the collective tragedy of Jews in World War II with a belief that humankind can “best achieve ethical and spiritual fulfillment by becoming conscious of its historical origins.” Borowski’s contribution to making this happen is his lovingly accumulated Lands of...Read more ›

Lighting the Way Through History

The evolution of ancient oil lamps

By Varda Sussman

No one knows who invented the oil lamp or exactly when it happened. Did this idea of how to control fire evolve slowly, or was it a sudden inspiration that entered the mind of an ordinary person who then continued to lead a quite...Read more ›

The Problem of Ai

New theory rejects the battle as described in the Bible but explains how the story evolved

By Ziony Zevit

The problem of Ai is simply stated. The Bible tells us that an important battle in the Israelite conquest of Canaan occurred at Ai. After being defeated by the Canaanites of Ai once, the Israelites launched a second attack on Ai; this time they were victorious, destroying...Read more ›