Biblical Archaeology Review 12:4, July/August 1986

Queries & Comments

Garden Tomb Article a “Real Shocker”

To the Editor:

The Garden Tomb article (“The Garden Tomb—Was Jesus Buried Here?” BAR 12:02) in your March/April issue is a real shocker. For more than 40 years, I have believed and have been teaching that this was Christ’s tomb.

Franklin Lefever Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Garden Tomb Article “An Offense”

To the Editor:

Most informed Christians are well aware that there are two tombs which are held by Catholics and Protestants (Baptists) to have received the body of Jesus when taken from the cross. My question is, why do you permit such delicate and very personal matters to be debated on the auction block of BAR? Aren’t there any better things to write about than to dig into personal matters where they offend and damage peoples’ beliefs?

Why doesn’t Mr. Barkay write an expose of the Catholic tomb where they believe Jesus was buried?

I have been in each of the tombs and studied them, and to me his article is poorly researched and certainly not authentic. His article is an offense to me and every other believer, informed and uninformed, who holds the Garden Tomb in awe.

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