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Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 1986


Special Section

The God-Fearers: Did They Exist?


These three extraordinary articles began when we read a technical paper in the obscure scholarly journal Numen. Titled “The Disappearance of the God-Fearers,” the paper was written by A. Thomas Kraabel, dean of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Kraabel is one of the most prominent specialists in...Read more ›

The God-Fearers: Did They Exist?

The God-Fearers: A Literary and Theological Invention

By Robert S. MacLennanA. Thomas Kraabel

New testament scholars, both Jewish and Christian, have for years accepted the existence of a group of gentiles known as God-fearers. They were thought to be closely associated with the synagogue in the Book of Acts. Although they did not convert to Judaism, they...Read more ›

The God-Fearers: Did They Exist?

Jews and God-Fearers in the Holy City of Aphrodite

By Robert F. Tannenbaum

A quiet, fertile valley folded into the Mediterranean hills, clear streams, tall poplars, ancient ruins more than 1,400 years old—a picture of pastoral quiet. Twenty-five years ago Kenan T. Erim, archaeologist and art historian at New York University, decided that the site of the...Read more ›

The God-Fearers: Did They Exist?

The Omnipresence of the God-Fearers

By Louis H. Feldman

Reverend MacLennan and Dean Kraabel have performed a real service by questioning the view, so commonly held, that in antiquity there was a large class of gentiles, the so-called God-fearers, who stood somewhere between paganism and Judaism.1 What we call God-fearers, as MacLennan and...Read more ›


The Search for Roots—Israel’s Biblical Landscape Reserve

By Helen Frenkley

If archaeology is the search for roots, so is Neot Kedumim, The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel. The one is figurative; the other is literal—for Neot Kedumim literally searches for the roots of the Bible in the realities of Israel’s nature landscape. The patriarchs, the judges, the...Read more ›