Biblical Archaeology Review 13:2, March/April 1987

Queries & Comments

The Temple Mount Stories

I enjoyed immensely reading the November/December BAR, particularly the articles on the excavations near the Temple Mount (“Excavating in the Shadow of the Temple Mount,” BAR 12:06, by Hershel Shanks; “Herod’s Mighty Temple Mount,” BAR 12:06, by Meir Ben-Dov; and “When the Priests Trumpeted the Onset of the Sabbath,” BAR 12:06, by Aaron Demsky). I have never really had an adequate understanding of the Temple Mount—its history and construction—until I read these articles, particularly the ones written by Hershel Shanks and Meir Ben-Dov.

I do have a question, however. You write: “The most important finds come from the Herodian period (37 B.C. to 4 A.D.). I have consulted several texts and all agree that Herod the Great reigned from 37 B.C. to 4 B.C. You have apparently extended his reign by eight years. Is this an error or are you in possession of new facts which would validate your dating?

I would also like to call your attention to what appears to be an unfortunate dropping of a line by your compositor. On page 49, third column, between the third and fourth lines from the bottom a line is obviously missing. This makes it very difficult to comprehend the author’s point. Most regrettable.

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