Biblical Archaeology Review 14:3, May/June 1988


Biblical Archaeology Review

A lengthy list of 1988 volunteer dig opportunities may be found in the January/February BAR (“1988 Excavation Opportunities: Sites,” BAR 14:01). Additional places appear in BARlines, BAR 14:02. Back issues may be ordered by sending $4.00 for each to AS, 3000 Connecticut Avenue New., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20008.


A Hellenistic-Herodian site near Haifa poses the question: Is this the site of Gabba-Hippeon, the administrative center where Herod the Great housed his cavalry men? Four seasons of digging at the site, near Kibbutz Sha’ar ha-Amakim, ten miles from Haifa, have exposed a monumentally constructed, Hellenistic building believed to have been a small fortress and a subterranean water supply corridor. Coins, pottery and the style of stone-dressing indicate that the building and other finds date to the third to first centuries B.C.

In August 1988, archaeologists intend to finish clearing the underground water supply system. They also hope to uncover the area surrounding the Hellenistic building. Volunteers may join the dig for two weeks or more. Room and full board will be provided at the kibbutz for $18 (U.S.) per day.

Contact: Dr. Arthur Segal, Archaeology Dept., Haifa Univ., Haifa 31999, Israel.

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