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Biblical Archaeology Review, July/August 1988


Special Section

Israel Underground

Jewish Rebels Dig Strategic Tunnel System

By Ehud Netzer

At Herodium, the isolated mountain palace-fortress complex originally created by Herod the Great in the midst of the Judean desert,1 an underground tunnel system dating to the Bar-Kokhba revolt, the Second Jewish Revolt against Rome (132–135 A.D.), has recently been discovered. Unlike the low, narrow underground burrows...Read more ›

Redating the Exodus—The Debate Goes On

A Reply to Baruch Halpern’s “Radical Exodus Redating Fatally Flawed”

By John J. Bimson

“Radical Exodus Redating Fatally Flawed,” BAR 13:06, Baruch Halpern’s swashbuckling response to our article, “Redating the Exodus,” BAR 13:05, was disappointing in its refusal to consider the issues more open-mindedly. In some instances Halpern’s polemic actually misrepresents our arguments instead of engaging them. We are grateful for...Read more ›

Redating the Exodus—The Debate Goes On

Contra Bimson, Bietak Says Late Bronze Age Cannot Begin as Late as 1400 B.C.

By Manfred Bietak

In your September/October 1987 issue, John Bimson and David Livingston in their article “Redating the Exodus,” BAR 13:05, referred to evidence coming from our investigation at Tell el-Dab‘a in the Eastern Nile Delta. I would like to correct some of their statements in this respect. Using the...Read more ›


The Marzeah Amos Denounces—Using Archaeology to Interpret a Biblical Text

By Philip J. King

Archaeologists often accuse Biblical scholars of ignoring archaeological materials that could significantly illuminate the Biblical texts that scholars are studying. As one archaeologist recently put it: “Most [Biblical] commentators do not even make use of archaeology where it can contribute best, namely in illustrating the material culture...Read more ›