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Biblical Archaeology Review, November/December 1988



Understanding the Nabateans

By Avraham Negev

In 312 B.C. a Greek diplomat and historian named Hieronymus of Cardia visited the Dead Sea and probably the Negev and reported:a “There are many Arabian tribes who use the desert as pasture, [but] the Nabateans far surpass the others in...Read more ›

Fixing the Site of the Tabernacle at Shiloh

By Asher S. Kaufman

In a recent BAR article (January/February 1986), Israel Finkelstein, the director of the important new excavations at Shiloh, reported to BAR readers the exciting results of his efforts. The title of the article, “Shiloh Yields Some, But Not All, of Its Secrets,” BAR 12:01, accurately describes the...Read more ›

Rediscovering the Ancient Golan—The Golan Archaeological Museum

By Shlomit NemlichAnn E. Killebrew

There are no gold mines or oil wells on the Golan. But, archaeologically speaking, the Golan settlers are mining gold and striking oil. This remote, sparsely inhabited and sometimes desolate area might seem the last place in the world for a modern archaeological museum. But not to...Read more ›

Was BAR an Accessory to Highway Robbery?

By Hershel Shanks

Five years ago, BAR published an extraordinary artifact—an ivory pomegranate less than 2 inches high (1.68 inches, to be exact) that was probably used in the Temple of Solomon, the only artifact from Solomon’s Temple ever discovered (“Probable Head of Priestly Scepter From Solomon’s Temple Surfaces in...Read more ›