Biblical Archaeology Review 15:1, January/February 1989

Queries & Comments

“You Are There”

Congratulations on a very fine article, “The Galilee Boat—2,000-Year-Old Hull Recovered Intact,” BAR 14:05, by Shelley Wachsmann .

Of course I was fascinated by the story of the boat’s raising, but more than this I found myself drawn into the article by BAR’s use of the first person throughout the story. Reading Shelley Wachsmann’s highly personal account, I really got a sense of “being there” as Wachsmann’s team raced first to preserve and then to raise the boat.

I hope BAR will continue to edit select articles in this fashion in future issues.

Howard D. White Walters Art Gallery Baltimore, Maryland

As a long-time subscriber, I know that you provide ample detailed diagrams for every hole in the ground that comes along. After 2,000 years, I still don’t know what the “Galilee Boat” looked like. Is there any excuse for this?

Steve Calovich Kansas City, Kansas

First, we doubt very much that you are 2,000 years old, as your letter suggests.

Second, if the picture of the boat on the cover, the photos and drawings in the article, and the picture of the mosaic (showing a possible sail structure) don’t do it, we have erred. We have written author Wachsmann to see if he can supply us with a reconstruction drawing of the boat.—Ed.

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