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Biblical Archaeology Review, July/August 1989



Is This Solomon’s Seaport?

By Alexander Flinder

In the Bible we are twice told that Solomon, with the help of the Phoenician king Hiram, built a fleet of ships that sailed from Ezion-Geber (ETZ-yon GEH-ver)a near Eloth (Ay-LOHT) on the Red Sea. We are now in a position, I believe, not...Read more ›

A Workable Proposal to Regulate Antiquities Trade

By Alan C. Leventen

Since 1967, more than 11,000 archaeological sites have been robbed within Israel’s pre-1967 borders, according to members of the Anti-Plundering Task Force of the Israel Department of Antiquities.a The government’s Department of Antiquities proposes a radical solution: Proscribe all sale or trade in antiquities; put the licensed...Read more ›