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Biblical Archaeology Review, May/June 1990



Church of the Apostles Found on Mt. Zion

By Bargil Pixner

I believe that the famous Church of the Apostles, intended to mark the site where the apostles prayed when they returned from the Mount of Olives after witnessing Christ’s post-resurrection ascent to heaven (Acts 1:1–13), can still be found on the...Read more ›

Five Ways to Conquer a City

By Erika Bleibtreu

In the spring of 1843, Paul-Emile Botta, the French consul at Mosul in present-day Iraq, invited Austen Henry Layard, then 26 years old and the British ambassador’s secretary in Constantinople, to join him at a site Botta thought was ancient Nineveh: “Come, I pray you,” Botta wrote,...Read more ›

Polydactylism in the Ancient World

By Richard D. Barnett

Richard D. Barnett died on July 29, 1986. This article has been adapted from an unfinished scholarly paper published posthumously in the Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society (volume 6, 1986–1987) and is published here with the permission of Mrs. Barbara Barnett. (The annual Bulletin of the...Read more ›

Archaeology and the Bible—Understanding Their Special Relationship

By William G. Dever

The following article has been adapted from Recent Archaeological Discoveries and Biblical Research, by William G. Dever (Seattle: Univ of Washington Press, 1990). As a matter of principal Professor Dever does not write for BAR (see his letter, “Bill Dever Responds,” Queries & Comments, BAR 13:04). He...Read more ›