Biblical Archaeology Review 16:3, May/June 1990

Queries & Comments

BAR’s Cover: Yuck

Just a comment on the cover of the January/February issue: Yuck! I keep hiding that issue because of that obnoxious lion’s face. Your layout editor does a good job most of the time, but not this time.

Wes Woodward Madison, Wisconsin

Lust Among the Ruins?

Please address your attention your January/February issue [“1990 Excavation Opportunities,” BAR 16:01], specifically to the picture of Ms. Canalizo [Donna Canalizo, pictured excavating in shorts and a T-shirt, was a volunteer at the Ashkelon excavation.—Ed.].

It is this type of picture, which you print each year at this time with your “excavation opportunities,” that makes me feel that these same opportunities are less for learning something of the Holy Land and archaeology than for the ars mores dissoluti!

Why you do this, I cannot explain; you do it, however, each and every year at this time.

I wish to register my disgust with this type of picture!

Fr. Bruce C. Perron, O.S.P., S.L.D. Pastor St. Thomas Holy Orthodox Church The Holy Orthodox Church—American Jurisdiction Charleston, New Hampshire

It’s all in the mind of the beholder.—Ed.

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